You want badass branding but have a brokeass budget

You're a creative. You use your hands and your beautiful right-brain magic to solve problems and get shit done. But as a college student, a recent grad, or a young creative entrepreneur just starting out, you lack the resources to hire expensive designers and invest in complicated software. 



Hey there! My name is Raven Marin, and I help young female creative entrepreneurs get their shit together, DIY their branding, and get their badass businesses online by providing actionable, valuable content and step-by-step tech training through blog & social media content and e-courses. 

Over the past 10 years I've worked with local businesses and non-profits to build excitement around their brands and connect with their customers through creative, low-budget social media marketing campaigns. I started my first business, Avocado Tree Distro, at the age of 15 by coding a Myspace page into an e-commerce website, and have started several other businesses and blogs by staying scrappy and using the resources available to me.